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<dittaeva> kturner wrote: "what would you gain?"
<kturner> what i mean is - the regional foundations can act as representatives for local law - e.g. for registering domains
<dittaeva> language specific ones would do that, and also get language-specific money, organize laguage specific promotion
<kturner> But why wouldn't the WMF itself do that?
<kturner> wouldn't -> couldn't
<dittaeva> I guess Norwegian Nynorsk is a bit of special case
<dittaeva> the regional WMF then?
<akl> language-specific money is bad with a centralized infrastructure
<kturner> Wouldn't Nynorsk be better handled as part of a Norwegian chapter?
<dittaeva> Bjarte?
<kturner> (Obviously, that doesn't work very well for Esperanto, or Nynorsk-speakers not living in Norway, though...)
<Jamesday> akl, no, it isn't bad with a centralised infrastructure.
<BjarteSorensen> Donors may want to give money specifically for the development of one language.
<Jamesday> It's bad only if tied to specific equipment dedicated only to a specific language and that is an inefficient use of resources, which isn't always the case.
<akl> Jamesday: not bad, but difficult
<dittaeva> and by development we also mean promotion, writing, ...
<BjarteSorensen> Say a minority language in a given country (such as nynorsk or saami in Norway)
<Jamesday> BjarteSorensen, yes. On the hardware side that is likely to be inefficienct if it means a set of computers only doing that.
<Jamesday> At the moment when Norway is awake, Australia and then Japana and China are asleep, so Noraway uses the resources those languages used.
<BjarteSorensen> of course. i'm thinking more in terms of human resources.
<dittaeva> exactly
<BjarteSorensen> Paid editing, promotion, competitions etc.
<Jamesday> For human resources, language-specific can be interesting, I think.
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<dittaeva> nightynighty then, thanks for the input
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<BjarteSorensen> JamesDay: I'm sitting in Sydney, Australia, and at least three of the other most active users live in other countries :)
<BjarteSorensen> And I'm awake, although it's early :)
<Jamesday> That's good to know - I like people who are out of the main time zone and spreading the load:)
<BjarteSorensen> It
<elian> what is the main time zone?
<BjarteSorensen> Sorry. It's been quite impressing actually to see the 24/24 nature of due to this! We're across three continents.
<BjarteSorensen> The main time zone for nynorsk wikipedia is UTC+1.
<Jamesday> Elian, the time zone of the primary speakers of a language.
<elian> okay
<Jamesday> So European times for Norway.
<Jamesday> The technical team has two Australians in it. Very useful to have people in your curent time zone.
<kturner> timezones and local time seem to be irrelevant concepts for many wikipedians.. ;-)
<elian> kturner: *g*
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<BjarteSorensen> I think the question about language specific Wikimedia foundations boils down to this: If there was to be an association/organisation for the promtion of development of contents for a specific language wikipedia, should this be in the name of Wikimedia or would it be best to establish an independent group?
<Jamesday> Personally I'd prefer not associated directly with the Wikimedia Foundation. Those with an interest in a language may not be interested solely in projects of the Wikimedia Foundation.
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<BjarteSorensen> I see your point.
<BjarteSorensen> So what is the aim of the German and French foundations?
<Jamesday> local charity status
<elian> we got that already
<elian> most important is coordinating local affairs..
<elian> like the german wikipedia-cd
<elian> managing press contacts
<elian> organize wikipedia presentation on fairs
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<BjarteSorensen> Maybe this is a question for the foundation mailing list. what do you reckon?