Philip Neil Murray (fødd 27. august 1950) er ein skotsk bassist, mest kjend for arbeidet sitt i Whitesnake,[1] The Brian May Band, Black Sabbath[2] og med Gary Moore.

Neil Murray
Fødd27. august 1950 (73 år)
FødestadEdinburgh i Skottland
FødenamnPhilip Neil Murray
AktivSidan 1967
SjangerHard rock, bluesrock, heavy metal, jazzfusion
InstrumentBass, piano, trombone, vokal, gitar, trommer
Tilknytte artistarColosseum II, Whitesnake, Gary Moore, Gogmagog, Vow Wow, Black Sabbath, Cozy Powell's Hammer, The Brian May Band, Tony Martin, National Health, Peter Green Splinter Group, The Michael Schenker Group, Snakecharmer, Kingdom of Madness
Verka somMusikar, låtskrivar

Diskografi (som bandmedlem) endre

År Band Album
1974 Hanson Magic Dragon
1976 Colosseum II Strange New Flesh
1978 National Health National Health
1978 Whitesnake Snakebite EP
1978 Whitesnake Trouble
1978 Whitesnake Live at Hammersmith
1979 Whitesnake Lovehunter
1980 Whitesnake Ready an' Willing
1980 Whitesnake Live...In the Heart of the City
1981 Whitesnake Come an' Get It
1982 Whitesnake Saints & Sinners
1982 Badlands Badlands demo
1984 Whitesnake Slide It In (US Mix)
1985 Phenomena Phenomena
1985 Gogmagog I Will Be There EP
1987 Phenomena Dream Runner
1987 Whitesnake Whitesnake / 1987
1987 Vow Wow V
1987 Vow Wow Revive EP
1988 Vow Wow Vibe / Helter Skelter
1988 Mona Lisa Overdrive Vive La Ka Bum
1990 Black Sabbath Tyr
1992 The Brian May Band Back to the Light
1994 The Brian May Band Live at Brixton Academy
1995 Black Sabbath Forbidden
1997 Peter Green Splinter Group Peter Green Splinter Group
1998 Peter Green Splinter Group The Robert Johnson Songbook
1998 Brian May Another World
2001 Empire Hypnotica
2001 The Company of Snakes Here They Go Again
2002 The Company of Snakes Burst the Bubble
2002 Rondinelli Our Cross, Our Sins
2003 Empire Trading Souls
2003 M3 Classic 'Snake Live Volume 1
2005 M3 Rough An' Ready (CD & DVD)
2006 Empire The Raven Ride
2007 Empire Chasing Shadows
2008 Michael Schenker Group In the Midst of Beauty
2010 Michael Schenker Group The 30th Anniversary Concert – Live in Tokyo
2013 Snakecharmer Snakecharmer
2014 Whitesnake Live in 1984: Back to the Bone
2014 Space Elevator Space elevator
2017 Snakecharmer Second Skin

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Babe Ruth endre

Graham Bonnet endre

Cozy Powell endre

  • Tilt (1981)
  • The Drums Are Back (1992)
  • Especially for You (1998)

Jon Lord endre

Gary Moore endre

Fastway endre

  • On Target (1988)

Comic Relief endre

  • Hale & Pace & The Stonkers – The stonk (charity 7" / 12") (1991)

Dave Sharman endre

Micky Moody endre

  • I Eat Them for Breakfast (2000)

Queen and Ben Elton endre

  • We Will Rock You – The Rock Theatrical (Original Cast) (2002)

Queen + Paul Rodgers endre

  • The Cosmos Rocks Tour, Cardiff (2008)
  • The Cosmos Rocks Tour, Birmingham NIA (2008)

The Fluffy Jackets endre

  • «The Fluffy Jackets featuring special guest Neil Murray» (2007)
  • «Fighting Demons» (2014)

The Feckers endre

  • «Live To Fight Another Day» (2019)

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