John Flaxman

John Flaxman (6. juli 17557. desember 1826 var ein engelsk bilethoggar og teiknar. Han var tonegjevande i den britiske nyklassisismen.

John Flaxman
Fødd 6. juli 1755

7. desember 1826 (71 år)

Yrke kunstmålar, lyrikar, bilethoggar, illustratør, grafikar
Far John Flaxman
John Flaxman på Commons

Blant dei viktigaste verka hans kan nemnast relieff og medaljongar som vart teikna for den berømte poselensprodusenten Wedgwood. Han er i dag kanskje mest kjend for sine illustrasjonar til Odysseen.

University College Chapel i Oxford har fire marmorarbeid av Flaxman:

  • eit minnesmerke over Matthew Rolleston[1]
  • eit minnesmerke over Sir Robert Chambers[2]
  • eit minnesmerke over William Jones.[3]
  • eit minnesmerke over Nathan Wetherell[4]


  1. «». (engelsk). University College Oxford. Henta 23. juni 2017. «On the South wall: To the left at the top, is a marble memorial to Matthew Rolleston, a Fellow of Univ who died in 1817 aged only 30. This monument was given by a former pupil and is one of four in this Chapel created by the great neoclassical sculptor John Flaxman.» 
  2. «». (engelsk). University College Oxford. Henta 23. juni 2017. «On the South wall: Directly below the window is the second of Flaxman’s monuments, this one for Sir Robert Chambers (1737–1803), who had been a Fellow here in 1761–75. On leaving Univ, Chambers worked as a judge in India, and this memorial was given to the College by his widow.» 
  3. «». (engelsk). University College Oxford. Henta 23. juni 2017. «In the centre of this wall is Flaxman’s third memorial in the Chapel, and his grandest, for Sir William Jones (1746–94). Jones, a former undergraduate and Fellow of Univ, was one of the greatest polymaths of his day, knowing over two dozen languages, and devoting himself in particular to the study of oriental literature. In 1783 he joined Robert Chambers to work as a judge in India, and there became fascinated by Indian language and culture, as reflected by the relief on this monument, which shows him eagerly taking notes from three Indian scholars. The monument was intended for Calcutta Cathedral, where Jones is buried, but it was offered to the College instead.» 
  4. «». (engelsk). University College Oxford. Henta 23. juni 2017. «On the North wall: At the top of this wall is Flaxman’s fourth monument, this one to Nathan Wetherell, who was Master of Univ in 1764–1807. This was presented by one of his daughters. It originally hung by the altar, where Wetherell lies buried, but was moved here in 1862.»